On point, on air 

Content production is booming business. Viewers are served with an infinite supply of on-demand video content. This also means TV studios should step up with engaging productions that manifest both distinctiveness and professionalism to make audiences tune in, every day again. Creativity is key. But premium technology translating your creativity is equally important.  

Outstanding visualization at the basis of outstanding productions. 

Detail picture of F80 Barco projector

From simple to complex, there’s a Barco projector for every project. With a wide range of brightness and outstanding color accuracy, our projectors always deliver your message the way you intended to. The low projector noise and flexible designs allow them to perfectly blend in every studio environment. 

China The palace museum E2 image processing
Image processing

A Barco backdrop with a Barco image processor is a winning combination. Their modular and flexible architecture with growing feature set support a wide variety of show configurations. And the cutting-edge scaling capabilities ensure pixel-perfect results on all your displays.

TV broadcast news studio with TruePix Smart Move campaign visual on screen
Video walls

With a video wall offering including LED, LCD and RPC we enable broadcast directors to find the best backdrop for their studio. The camera loves their consistent brightness and brilliant color representation. Moreover, they excel in reliability, maximizing the satisfaction of not only your viewers, but also your production crew.

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