About Barco image processing

The demand for extremely high-resolution, video-based installations that impress audiences with an exceptional visual experience is growing. That’s why digital image processing, screen management, and show control are key. 

Barco provides event professionals and themed venue owners with a very complete range of image processing software and hardware solutions. Unbridled creativity and ultimate ease-of-use, that’s what our processors are all about. The power and flexibility can be used in different applications from live shows to meeting environments and from auditoriums to television studios. The only limit is your imagination.

Eurosong 2021, Eurovision Song Festival

The Eurovision Song Contest is a mega production equalled by very few worldwide. In this kind of production, with so many different viewers, organizers and participants, you can only be successful by applying the highest quality standards. And Barco was able to meet these standards hands down!

Ben Augenbroe

Project Manager, Faber Audiovisuals

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