One of the biggest challenges for aspiring NEDs / Trustees is how to get started on the journey to their first role – and at Smarter Networking, we created the Boardroom Ready programme to address just this issue!  You can hear directly from our successful matches in our case studies here.

To help and support aspiring NEDs / Trustees, we decided to conduct a survey of experienced NEDs / Trustees on how they made it happen.

Our survey asked a series of questions on how they found their first role, how did they prepare, what were their challenges? Our huge thanks to all those who so generously shared their stories, challenges & experiences. We were thrilled to receive 147 responses, and we’ve collated, catalogued and analysed those responses in this report.

Some of our experienced NEDs / Trustees went a step further, and were happy to be interviewed about their journey. You can view those videos on our YouTube channel here.

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