We broker personal development opportunities for senior executive employees from top ranking organisations to join the boards of non-conflicting AIM listed, privately owned and SME companies as ‘guest observers’ to gain real commercial boardroom experience.

We are looking for 30 organisations from Southern England from a wide range of industries, sizes, products and services to become a host board and if you can answer yes to the 4 questions below, then you are eligible to take part in this innovative and enterprising opportunity with no cost to yourself at all – how to become a host board.

1.   Are you a champion of developing the next generation of board members?

2.   Are you a champion of developing diverse future boards?

3.   Are you keen to learn about different business models from non-conflicting top-ranking organisations?

4.   Are open to fresh new ideas and innovation on your board?

The role of a host board is to offer an employed senior executive from a non-conflicting industry the opportunity to join your board as a ‘guest observer’* for 12 months – like an apprentice if you like.

Think of the benefits! A top-ranking senior executive employee with international experience who has expertise they are willing to share. Imagine the benefits of cross industry innovation and fresh thinking creating disruptive approaches. These executives are fully supported and funded by their own organisations who are keen they gain external experiences to help them with their internal careers. This opportunity is completely free of charge to the host board.

At present the host boards on our books include: Farnborough International Ltd, Starling Bank and MJ Hudson with more joining all the time.

At present the senior executive employees looking for ‘guest observer’* roles on host boards on our books include: a Senior IT Manager (Transformation/Projects), an Executive Vice President – Global Service Delivery, CTO – Digital, Cloud, Emerging Tech, Head of Integration, a Sales Director with others coming on all the time.

*The role is a ‘guest observer’ and is a non-paid role. To ensure that there is no confusion about their legal status, they are not appointed, nor do they act as a director, nor are they paid. They have no voting rights, do not instruct or direct the board in any way and are not part of the formal decision-making process. They do not form part of the quorum of a board meeting and are bound by the host board’s confidentiality rules. They can offer insights and opinions based on their expertise or experiences.

These individuals are fully supported and funded by their own organisation who really want their top talent to gain external broader business knowledge and understanding and who crucially want to share their expertise with the host board.

To have a fuller chat drop me an email to heather@smarter-networking.com or telephone me on 0777 585 5764.