Your Journey to the Boardroom – from start to finish:

How to get started, what networks to build and which organisations can help you, and so much more practical advice

The journey to your first NED or Trustee roles can be bumpy and far from straight-forward. Boardroom Ready was created to demystify the process and ease the obstacles, to offer practical help and straight-talking advice on your own journey. Our expertise removes many of the unknowns, and much of the workload, from you to enable you to focus on your existing career and future roles. You can find out about the challenges faced by experienced NEDs / Trustees in our survey here, our interviews here, and our case studies here.

Practical and straight-talking is our motto, and we place great importance on saving you time and money.

Smarter Networking have vast expertise in researching and finding the right networks for people to connect. When developing the Boardroom Ready programme, we catalogued into one document over 100 organisations specialising in supporting those seeking Non-Executive Director & Trustees networks, roles and training.

This unique directory is free of charge, and for ease of reference we have listed the organisations alphabetically, as well as adding links to their websites, under the following categories:

Organisations with networks supporting:

  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Trustees & Volunteers
  • Boards Diversity
  • Executives
  • Women Executives
  • NHS Foundation Trusts

Organisations offering training for:

  • NEDs & Boards
  • Board Training for Women
  • Charities & Trustees
  • NHS Trust NEDs
  • Women’s Leadership

Organisations promoting NED / Trustee/ Volunteering jobs:

  • NED: Job boards for members only
  • NED: Open job boards
  • NED: Register your interest job boards
  • Trustee & Voluntary jobs
  • Board Diversity Champions
  • Others
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Public Sector Board appointments

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