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If you are looking for new ways to drive business growth, profitability and diversity, we can help.

Our work with a wide range of SMEs and privately-owned businesses has given us unique, first-hand insights into the issues CEOs and Chairs face to in seeking to diversify boardrooms, improve strategic operational delivery, develop high performance teams, expand into new markets, innovate through cross-industry learning and enhance commercial performance.

What we do

We broker personal development opportunities for employed senior executives from top-ranking organisations to join the boards of non-conflicting AIM listed, privately owned and SME companies as ‘board observers’* for 12 months to gain real commercial boardroom experience.

What we are looking for

We are looking for companies from across a wide range of industries, products and services to become host boards, with an annual turnover of a minimum of £1m. Ideally the board meetings would be held in London or an easily accessible location.

The role of a host board is to offer a senior executive from a non-conflicting industry the opportunity to join your board as a board observer for 12 months.

These executives are fully supported and funded by their own organisations, who in turn will benefit from their executive’s external experiences, so there is no cost to your board (other than expenses).

Boards who have already recognised the benefits of our enterprising project include:

Farnborough International Ltd, Raynor Foods, IRIS Software Systems, Green Running Ltd, E-Therapeutic, Sphere Fluidics, and more are joining all the time.

What are the Benefits?

As the host board you benefit by:

  • Having a highly experienced executive join your board as a ‘board observer’
  • Gaining current market and industry expertise
  • Enjoying fresh thinking and innovative ideas
  • Networking at a very high level within a non-conflicting industry

The senior executive gains real commercial board level experience through exposure to:

  • Decisions and governance at board level
  • Observation and contribution to board discussions
  • Non-conflicting, industry knowledge
  • External knowledge to be brought back to benefit their organisation

For more information download the Executive Summary above and contact Heather White on:

Email: Tel: +44 (0)777 585 5764

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