Here is a fantastic example of people ‘getting the message right’

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Fiona Smith, Global Head of Human Resources at EDF Trading Ltd. During our conversation we touched on succession planning and Fiona said something that brought a huge smile to my face. She said, “We don’t have a succession plan, we use a criticality risk matrix instead.” She went on to explain that the phrase ‘succession planning’ wasn’t hitting the right cord with her executives whereas ‘criticality risk’ did hit home because it aligned to the organisation’s internal language and culture.

For those of you I have worked with will know that one of my key messages is, ‘If you want your message to hit home it has to be relevant to your audience.’

Fiona’s simple but effective approach is spot on; whether you are aiming to improve or change your personal brand or wanting to get buy in from colleagues you have to pin point the language of your audience and get your key words aligned.

The ‘criticality risk matrix’ is based on the 9 box model which was adapted by Vicky Wallis who used to be EDF Trading’s Organisational Development Consultant and is now HRD for Santander. It was tailored to suit EDF Trading’s needs into a 12 box model based on criticality risk vs. performance.

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