We work with the FTSE500 organisations, who fully fund development programmes for their senior executive team. One of the things senior executive are crying out for, is experience on an external board so they can further develop their careers within their own organisations.

We are looking for open minded boards from the UK AIM list and SMEs with a turnover of £20m + seeking to broaden their board knowledge pool and gender balance.

Would you be open to a confidential conversation to explore the idea of having a ‘guest / observer’ senior executive from a FTSE500 on your board for a 12-month period? This is completely free of charge to you.

This opportunity fully supports your current board structure and adds an incredible resource and dynamic. For businesses seeking to scale up, tap into current global thinking and experience, this is an amazing opportunity for you.

I am seeking conversations with Chairman, Investors & Non-Executives in £20m+ t/o UK AIM listed, privately owned, and SMEs companies, who might act as Host Boards for these 12 month programmes.

A leader has to understand the world. You have to be far more external, more cosmopolitan, have a global view than ever before, to define your company’s place in that, it’s purpose and value…Herminia Ibarra, Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader — page 54

Please email me in confidence on heather@smarter-networking.com or telephone 0777 585 5764.

Or visit our web site for more details: http://boardroomready.co/host-boards/