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Would you like to meet other Non Executive Directors and Trustees but don’t know where to find the right networks? We have solved that problem for you.

One of Smarter Networking’s expertise is researching and finding the right networks for people to meet. When developing Boardroom Ready we found a number of networks that might be of interest to you. In fact we found nearly 90 organisations which specialise in supporting those seeking Non Executive Director & Trustees networks, roles and training. This unique directory is free of charge and for ease of reference we have listed the organisations alphabetically (we’ve added links to their web sites too) under the following categories:

Organisations with networks supporting:

  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Trustees & Volunteers
  • Boards Diversity
  • Executives
  • Women Executives
  • NHS Foundation Trusts

Organisations offering training for:

  • NEDs & Boards
  • Board Training for Women
  • Charities & Trustees
  • NHS Trust NEDs
  • Women’s Leadership

Organisations promoting NED / Trustee/ Volunteering jobs:

  • NED: Job boards for members only
  • NED: Open job boards
  • NED: Register your interest job boards
  • Trustee & Voluntary jobs
  • Board Diversity Champions
  • Others
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Public Sector Board appointments

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Download The Non Executive Director and Trustee Networks Directory