Welcome to the Boardroom Ready page!  Here you will find all the details about our services, so whether you are HRD or Talent Directors looking for fresh ideas on how to transition functional heads to an executive level, or an executive seeking to build board experience for a future NED career, we have some unique and innovative solutions for you.

Offering real commercial boardroom experience to your top talent, to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for greater executive responsibilities

Finding innovative and engaging ways of developing and retaining senior level talent, particularly where promotion to the board or remuneration may not be possible or appropriate, can be a real challenge for corporations. To offer a solution to this challenge, we created the Boardroom Ready programme to match senior executives with boards of non-conflicting AIM listed, privately owned and SME companies, to give them real commercial boardroom experience. Your executive is meticulously matched with a board looking for their particular skillset, in the role of a ‘Quasi-NED’* for 12 months. Hear from some of our successful matches here!

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Offering hands-on real commercial boardroom experience to give you that competitive edge

We guarantee you real commercial board experience as a Quasi-NED*, providing all the boardroom experience you need to ideally position you for future NED roles. Boardroom Ready is a comprehensive 12-month leadership development programme offering a wide variety of support, combined with real practical experience, as well as insights, a broader network and a deeper confidence in your abilities, all within a safe environment.

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This unique online accelerator programme has been created by the founder of Boardroom Ready and 2 highly experienced NEDs. Together they will take you all the way to the Boardroom with their straight-talking and practical advice.  Our step-by-step guide has been designed for those who simply want to get started and just need to understand the process on how to do it. This is an online course consisting of:

  • 3 videos covering how to use the guide, 
  • How the NED and Trustee market works, 
  • and the Top 10 barriers that could get in your way, 
  • plus Heather interviews Ken Andrew who will guide you on how to successfully complete applications and conduct yourself at interviews, and
  • Bryan Foss who will guide you on how to make the transition from executive to non-executive

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Want to know how your LinkedIn profile can help you secure your first NED/Trustee role? Our LinkedIn Optimisation Strategy Service will help you stand out from the crowd when making the transition from Exec to Non-Exec

Boardroom Ready have teamed up with CV and Interview Advisors, UK’s leading CV & LinkedIn authoring service to create our unique service called LinkedIn Optimisation Strategy Service.

Our market-leading service will write / rewrite your LinkedIn profile to enhance your executive career as being desirable for a board.  Equally as vital, we will work with you to make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully optimised so that you will be found by recruiters and stand out to them as a great candidate for NED / Trustee roles.

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We can help you get your first Boardroom role by having 1:1 coaching sessions with a highly-experienced Chair / NED. If you want the most efficient & direct way to reach the Boardroom – then our 1:1 coaching will show you exactly how to get started finding your first NED role and explain how to be successful in making the transition from Exec to Non-Exec, plus give you all the “insider knowledge” on how to be successful in your NED application & interview.

At Boardroom Ready, our highly experienced team of NEDs/Chairs have recruited executives onto their boards, and will give you all the straight-talking advice needed to guide you to the Boardroom.

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Learn more about a 60-minute personalised consultation call with Boardroom Matchmaker Heather White, to fully discuss your career and board ambitions, consider your options and create a roadmap on what’s right for you next.

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*The role is for a ‘Quasi-NED’ and is a non-paid role. To ensure that there is no confusion about their legal status, they are not appointed, nor do they act as a director, nor are they paid. They have no voting rights, do not instruct or direct the board in any way and are not part of the formal decision-making process. They do not form part of the quorum of a board meeting and are bound by the host board’s confidentiality rules. They can offer insights and opinions based on their expertise or experiences.