Boardroom Ready is a niche consultancy matching employed senior executives with a non-conflicting board as ‘board observer’* for 12 months to gain real commercial boardroom experience.  Each senior executive is meticulously matched, based on their specific aspirations, requirements and skill-set, as a board observer on a ‘Host Board’ looking for just that skillset.  Hear from some of our successful matches here!

The Boardroom Ready programme:

  • We research and work with a wide range of industries to find AIM listed, privately owned and SME companies to act as host boards
  • We interview the senior executive to fully understand their individual drivers, needs, motivation and commitment
  • If selected, they are coached to prepare them for discussions with potential host boards, and then matched with a host board based on mutual benefits
  • Over the 12-month programme, they are matched with one of our experienced board and NED coaches to broaden their understanding of the boardroom, its processes, influences and functions
  • They are mentored informally by the CEO / Chair of the host board throughout the programme
  • Our experts work with them to refine and enhance their Executive Bio and LinkedIn profile
  • They are also coached in Networking and Personal Brand
  • Partnering with the Non-Executive Directors’ Association, the programme includes:
    • a one year membership to NEDA
    • a full one-day certificated masterclass, ‘The Essential NED Training Course’ covering all aspects of governance and compliance necessary for aspiring or new Non-Executive Directors
    • a copy of the latest  The Non-Executive Directors’ Handbook

For more information, download the Executive Summary above and contact Heather White on:

Email:         Tel: +44 (0)777 585 5764  

* The role is for a ‘board observer’ and is a non-paid role. To ensure that there is no confusion about their legal status, they are not appointed, nor do they act as a director, nor are they paid. They have no voting rights, do not instruct or direct the board in any way and are not part of the formal decision-making process. They do not form part of the quorum of a board meeting and are bound by the host board’s confidentiality rules. They can offer insights and opinions based on their expertise or experiences.

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Clients of Boardroom Ready will receive a free copy of the latest version, the 5th Edition of:

The Non-Executive Directors’ Handbook