Securing your first NED / Trustee role can be an uphill struggle, and adjusting from executive to Non-Executive can be challenging. The road to the first role is the same for all, but every experience will be different. Our job is to make your journey a lot less stressful, more time efficient and ultimately find that elusive role.

Boardroom Ready is a niche consultancy that matches senior executives with boards of non-conflicting AIM listed, privately owned and SME companies, to give them real commercial boardroom experience. The senior executive is meticulously matched with a board looking for their particular skillset, in the role of a ‘Quasi-NED’ for 12 months. The executive gains exposure to the realities of the boardroom, and the host board benefits from market and industry expertise, a specific skillset that could be missing from the board and a fresh pair of eyes from a highly experienced executive, such as a functional head, from a different industry.

Our extensive expertise in all matters boardroom provides pragmatic, hands-on help, uniquely tailored for your journey.  Our wide-ranging services can source advertised opportunities tailored for you, signpost you to the right resources, do the research for you, demonstrate how to best to use LinkedIn to maximise your opportunities, develop your value and confidence, and so much more.

Our team of highly experienced Non-Executives will mentor and coach you throughout, from making the transition from executive to Non-Executive, being interviewed by a board through to coping with virtual board meetings. Their role is to help you hit the ground running with real practical experience. The team will work with you to prepare you to be a strong contributor (and learner) in every board meeting, through just-in-time preparation.

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